Want To Reduce The Heat Generated Inside Your Hot Water Pipes?- We Recommend Thermal Lagging

Want To Reduce The Heat Generated Inside Your Hot Water Pipes?- We Recommend Thermal Lagging

(Answer Honestly…)

  • Are you a property owner struggling to reduce the heat generated inside your hot water pipes…?
  • Moreover, are you looking for appropriate pipe insulation treatment /material insulation to put an end to this issue once and for all…?

If so, then the recommended course of action would be to enlist help from a reputed pipe lagging company near you to offer you professional thermal pipe insulations to treat your how water pipes and resultantly create a comfortable environment for everyone.

Sydney Laggers – your one-stop pipe lagging shop near you in Sydney, recommends thermal pipe lagging treatment and insulation for your hot water pipes.

Thermal pipe lagging, as the terminology goes denotes “temperature control” between objects upon thermal contact or inside a radiative influence.

Moreover, the concept of thermal pipe lagging entails the application of insulating hot water (& chilled water pipes) which require adequate temperature regulation.

“The chief purpose of thermal lagging your hot water pipes is primarily to deter the heat generated inside the hot water pipes and consequently creating a comfortable environment for respective property owners in all sectors across Sydney, NSW.”

Some Chief USPs Of Our Hot Water (Thermal) Pipe Lagging

  • Our quality and lasting thermal hot water pipe lagging are easy to install.
  • Our treatments and installations offer impressive resistibility and thermal (temperature) control inside your pipes.
  • Due to the closed cell structure of our presented hot water insulation treatment, they serve as excellent vapour barrier against hot vapour transmission.
  • Our hot water lagging treatments feature impressive fire protection and very low toxicity ratings.
  • If all that wasn’t enough, our offered hot water pipe insulation treatment doesn’t have any traces of CFCs, dust and fiber. Plus, they even present excellent resistance from wear and tear against potential adverse effects of ozone.

(Much To Your Delight)… SYDNEY LAGGERS Offers You These 2 Products

  • Foilflex Thermal Lagging – This unique product is a high performance thermal pipe insulation treatment offering impressive vapour dispersion resistance. Moreover, it’s a completely closed-cell which features a physically cross-linked polyolefin foam consisting of a density of 25kg/m3, faced with heat laminated pure aluminium foil.

It can easily operate between temperatures of 80 degrees to 100 degrees. And much to your delight, it comes in all sizes to aptly meet your hot (& chilled water pipe) requirements.

  • NOCLAD Foilflex – This unique product is primarily used to waterproof hot water pipes (as well as chilled water pipes)

“Our Thermal Pipe Lagging Treatment & Installations Prove To Be The Perfect Answer To Reduce & Regulate Heat Generating Within Your Hot Water Pipes.”

  • You can rely on our team to come down to your location to perform a pre-inspection to determine the right thermal insulating component with the actual length of the pipe
  • The following step involves carefully cutting the insulation to its intended length and properly placing the pipes sleeve to make sure the vapour/steam is diffused facing downwards.
  • And we secure the pipe sleeve utilising a clamp, wire, tape (and so on) at every foot or two.

Rest Assured Our Professional Thermal Lagging Treatment Will Be The Perfect Solution For Your Hot Water Pipes.

So, whenever you’re ready – Get In Touch Unhesitantly!

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