Top Reasons To Opt For Acoustic Pipe Lagging From SYDNEY LAGGERS

Top Reasons To Opt For Acoustic Pipe Lagging From SYDNEY LAGGERS


  • Are your property pipes creating quite an unwanted commotion whenever water or waste fluids flows turbulently inside them…?
  • Moreover, is that generating noise making your living environment uncomfortable for both you and your family members…?


Are you in need of professional pipe lagging treatment (& related product installations) to control the noise generating within your sanitary and stormwater pipes…?

If so, then Sydney Laggers is here to help you in whatever way you want. Being a part of this industry for close to a decade; we cater to the pipe soundproofing needs of all sector clients in and across out targeted Sydney.

And to each of our service-seeking clients; OUR TEAM offers them our highly effective and long-sustaining Acoustic pipe lagging treatment.

In this post; we dig further into why you should look to opt for Acoustic pipe lagging through our experienced and trained professionals.

Let’s Begin!

What To Expect From Our Acoustic Pipe Lagging Services?

As stated previously; Acoustic Pipe Lagging is a terminology used to Insulate Sanitary and Stormwater Pipes.

And the reason you should think to invest on it is because it proves very effective in reducing the noise produced inside the pipes mainly due to turbulent flow of water and waste travelling inside.  


  • Our performance guaranteed acoustic pipe lagging treatments and product installations are crafted to reduce sound inside the pipes and inevitably plays a crucial role in augmenting your pipe’s stability.
  • Our soundproofing insulating  materials  are impressively flexible and prove quite easy to use and install
  • Our acoustic pipe lagging treatments guarantee impressive durability and efficacy in comparison to the other pipe lagging options
  • Our acoustic pipe lagging products and treatments also come across as  eco-friendly and are without any trace of ozone-depleting components
  • Moreover, our acoustic pipe lagging treatments and installations are performed immaculately, and with total compliance to the levied NCC regulations
  • And importantly, our quality acoustic lagging treatment and product installation have garnered heaps of praises from our served clients across different sectors. Many even hail it as the best solution to reducing irritable sounds from noisy pipes

(Hold On… There’s More)

Our quality and aptly customised acoustic pipe lagging treatments can deliver varying compositions with barrier weight ranging from 3 kg/m² to 8 kg/m² along with a decoupling layer complemented with plain (4512) or convoluted (4525C) foam.

And its concerning acoustic product installations are even devoid of any odour producing oils and bitumen.

Our concerned team makes it a point to test our acoustic pipe lagging products according to the levied AS 1530.3, therefore implying excellent flame imperviousness.

And if that wasn’t enough, our acoustic pipe lagging products proves rather easy to bond – whether it’s with a matching Tape ALR or any other appropriate equivalent.

Our Recommended Acoustic Pipe Lagging Products Are Indexed Below

For more information about each of these acoustic pipe insulations near you in Sydney like stock availability and price range – Visit our site trade store or speak to us directly!

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