Thinking Of Insulating Your Chilled Water Pipes…? Crucial Aspects To Know

Thinking Of Insulating Your Chilled Water Pipes…? Crucial Aspects To Know

If you are worried about maintaining your chilled water pipes from extreme temperatures, then opting for chilled pipe insulation treatment is the way to go.

As per the common word of mouth – picking the appropriate medium to insulate your chilled water pipes can potentially help reduce heat loss or gain by approximately 80%.

What Professional Laggers Recommend For Insulating Your Chilled Water Pipes?

The best solution for insulating your chilled water pipes is a process known as thermal pipe lagging. In this, the term ‘thermal’ denotes ‘temperature control’.

At the time of delivering quality thermal pipe insulations; professional laggers will always make use of superior quality materials which are high in R-value energy ratings.

Before delivering you thermal pipe lagging solutions; they will even make it a point to speak to you and sort out all your specific requirements.

How Thermal Lagging Proves Effective For Your Chilled Water Pipes?

The reason why chilled water pipes require thermal insulation is to maintain the temperature within the pipework and also capture possible condensation that may be generated by the pipe itself.

What Entails As Its Primary Benefits?

  • Temperature moderation.
  • Freeze protection.
  • Minimal environmental damage.
  • Increase in operational efficiency.

What Quality Thermal Pipe Lagging Products Should You Go For?

  • Foilflex Thermal Lagging – a Premium performance thermal pipe insulation with a very high vapour diffusion resistance. Completely closed-cell, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam with a density of 25 kg/m3, faced with heat laminated pure aluminium foil with reinforcement for steel, plastic and copper pipes. Pre-slit for faster installation.
  • NOCLAD Foilflex – This product is to be used externally and is waterproof and can be used on chilled water pipes (& hot water pipes).

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Can You Thermal Lag Your Chilled Water Pipes During Its Plastering Stage?

Long answer short – Yes, you most certainly can!

It can be done after the final plastering is done. However, this would require you to remove the plaster. This might cost you a lot.

Henceforth, it is suggested to get your chilled pipe lagging done before plastering and during the construction.

Where Can You Buy Thermal Pipe Lagging Products?

To temperature control your chilled water pipes, you can purchase your thermal pipe lagging products from Sydney Laggers– your premier pipe insulation supplier serving all-sectors across Sydney.

Whatever products you need, simply get in touch with our team.

Ready To Schedule A Visit…?

After going through the aforementioned knowledge base on insulating chilled water pipes, feel free to speak to our professional lagging team.

All our thermal lagging services are devised and delivered to provide long-standing results. We have all the in-house equipment to execute the job with excellence and dedication.

We have a fixed and transparent billing system which is appreciated by the clients.

You can rely us on –

  • Labour ONLY Options
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So, whenever you’re ready to take the big step, schedule a visit at your convenient date and time.

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