Sydney Laggers Introduces FOILFLEX – A Premium Thermal Pipe Insulation Product

Sydney Laggers Introduces FOILFLEX – A Premium Thermal Pipe Insulation Product

Before we get into explaining FOILFLEX  – a unique thermal pipe insulation product to meet the specific needs of all-sector clients all across Sydney…

Let’s Recap What Thermal Lagging Entails…?

THERMAL PIPE LAGGING is a pipe insulation technique which mainly relates to temperature control.

So it goes without saying that our offered Thermal Pipe Lagging is a term used to describe the application of insulating pipes that require temperature control.

Pipes that require Thermal Pipe Lagging are HOT WATER Pipes and CHILLED Water Pipes.

  • The reason why HOT WATER Pipes need thermal lagging – is to reduce the heat generated within and create a comfortable environment for homeowners.
  • And the reason why CHILLED WATER Pipes need thermal lagging is to maintain the temperature within the pipe work and also capture possible condensation that may be generated by the pipe itself.

Now, Let’s Dig Into Explaining FOILFLEX Product

Foilflex is a premium performance thermal pipe insulation with a very high vapour diffusion resistance. It features a completely closed-cell and physically cross-linked polyolefin foam with a density of 25 kg/m3.

It is faced with heat laminating pure aluminium foil along with reinforcement for copper pipes, steel and plastic.

We also present you FOILFLEX product as pre-slit for quicker and hassle-free installation.

They are aptly suited to meet the needs of both hot and chilled water pipe insulations. And it can easily operate in varying temperatures between 80-100 degrees!

To know more details about our FOILFLEX product, feel free to visit our site store whenever you see fit.

Alternatively; you can also speak to our customer representative directly to get precise information about its price and size availability.

Trust SYDNEY LAGGERS For All Your Specific Thermal Pipe Lagging Requirements

For our team, quality insulation performance along with optimal safety are our utmost priority when delivering our budget-friendly and customised thermal lagging services across Sydney (& beyond)!

On reaching your location; our pipe lagging specialists carefully analyze and determine the prime cause of the energy wastage.

Once we isolate the problem, we work conjointly to come up with an effective lagging solution to both manage and resolve it.

From Us You Can Always Expect Quality Work Backed With 100% Service Satisfaction

Every one of our offered thermal lagging solutions are NCC compliant and aptly formulated to deliver long–sustaining results to your property pipes.

Moreover, our highly skilled and experienced team also possess all the necessary tools to accomplish immaculate and excellent project executions- on every service request.

All of this inevitably lead to only one outcome – quality thermal pipe lagging services backed with 100% service satisfaction.

As your thermal insulation experts in Sydney, we keep all our supply and installation rates competitive and adhering to the industry standards.

And we aim to serve all sector clients in and across Sydney CBD, Sydney West, Sydney North, Sydney East, Sydney West.

So, Whenever You’re Ready To Thermal Treat Your Pipes…?

LET US KNOW Via Call Or Email!

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