Seeking Professional Pipe Insulation Soundproofing …?  Our Ideal Acoustic Pipe Lagging Solutions Are Ideal

Seeking Professional Pipe Insulation Soundproofing …? Our Ideal Acoustic Pipe Lagging Solutions Are Ideal

Needless to say –

Optimally designed acoustic lagging system helps deter unwanted noise generated from the turbulent flow of water or waste fluids travelling through the pipe work to achieve a sound-free residing environment for respective home and office owners in and across Sydney.

Fortunately, keeping this in mind, our diligent research and development team has aptly identified Acoustic Pipe Lagging As The Right Solution To Safeguard Pipes.

Acoustic Pipe Lagging is a terminology used to Insulate Sanitary, steam pipes, pneumatic as well as hydraulic pipes and stormwater Pipes.

What’s More…?

When working on your property pipes, OUR TEAM will diligently incorporate a quality noise absorber over the radiating surface.

Our quality and effective sound absorbers come with thermal insulating qualities, adequate degree of thickness as well as texture properly matching the nature of the round surface that requires to be insulated.

We can vouch that our provided quality noise absorber will help inhibit the irritable noise transmitted nearby.


Our recommended Acoustic pipe lagging aptly serves the role of both a quality noise absorber as well as a noise barrier, thus giving you the benefits of both.

Being impressively dense; its flexible mass layer delivers wonderful sound reduction properties. And its decoupling layer disrupts the vibrations resulting among the mass barrier and substrate, thereby letting the peripheral vinyl wrap to stay flexible for proper optimisation.

This exterior foil facing also delivers a fire-resistant coat along with a quality surface to merge the adjacent sheets.

More Reasons To Like Our Pipe insulation Soundproofing Solutions

  • Our quality and performance guaranteed acoustic pipe insulation soundproofing treatments and products aim to reduce sound resulting within the pipes and inevitably contributes to augmenting the overall stability of the pipes.
  • Our soundproofing insulating products are impressively flexible and prove very easy to install
  • Our acoustic insulating products are considered to be way more impressive in its durability and efficacy as to the other pipe lagging approaches
  • Our acoustic pipe insulating products are eco-friendly in nature and don’t contain any ozone-depleting components
  • All installations are performed meticulously and safely adhering to the levied NCC regulations
  • Above all, our acoustic lagging is hailed to be one of the most expert recommended and customer-preferred approach to reducing sounds from noisy pipes

A Sneak Peak Into Our Range Of Sound proofing Products for Safeguarding Your Plumbing Pipes

  • SOUNDFLEX III – 1200x300mm ( 50PVC )
  • Pyrotek Soundlag 4525C – 1350Wx500L
  • Vibralag – 1000Wx4000L

Special Mentioning

You will need to purchase a minimum of 20 units to procure these products. (Feel free to browse out trade store for accurate price details and stock availability).

Final Lines

There you have it. Crucial things you need to know about Acoustic pipe insulation soundproofing.

If you need adequate noise reduction pipe insulations – SPEAK TO US as you see fit.

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