Professional Sound Proof Pipe Lagging Treatments

Sydney Laggers – is your professional answer to quality soundproof pipe lagging treatments near you in Sydney.

Our soundproofing lagging treatment is primarily used for reducing noise from both sanitary and storm water pipe due to turbulent flow of fluids inside the pipes.

It helps reduce the noise produced within by 25.2dB(A).

Sound proof Pipe Lagging

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For Exceptional Noise Reduction - We Present You Our Quality Acoustic Pipe Lagging Treatments & Product Installations

(To Put It Simply)

Acoustic Pipe Lagging is a terminology used to soundproof Sanitary and Stormwater Pipes.

And its prime purpose is to reduce the sound generated within the pipes due to turbulent flow caused by water and waste travelling through the pipe work to create a noise free environment for home and office owners.  

Our offered unique pipe soundproofing treatments comes across as one dense and flexible mass layer which guarantees impressive noise deterring features. Moreover, its decoupling layer upsets the vibration path between the substrate and mass barrier.

And doing this will allow the existing vinyl wrap to remain as flexible as possible to enhance your property pipe’s overall performance.

In addition to this; its peripheral foil facing even delivers impressive fire resistance.

Also Make Sure To Check Our Unique Soundproofing Materials

  • Soundflex III LaggingKnown for high sound absorption & excellent acoustic performance combined with a compacted fire resistant covering
  • Pyrotek Soundlag 4525CSoundlag is a high-performance composite acoustic lagging product developed to reduce noise from hydraulic and waste pipes by up to 25.2 dB(A).
  • VibralagVibralag is a time and cost-effective solution for treating noisy waste, supply and stormwater pipes. It has been designed to adhere to the NCC/BCA acoustic requirements when joined with customary riser and building systems.

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