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To help you manage your hot water pipes in your new properly and reduce the heat that’s generated within your hot water pipes – Sydney Laggers delivers you customised hot water pipe lagging solutions and product installations to create a comfortable environment for you and your dear ones.

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Hot Water Pipe Lagging

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Rest Assured Our Hot Water Pipe Lagging Product Will Prove Highly Effective & Safe For Your Needs

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  • Our superior quality hot water pipe lagging treatments do prove extremely easy to install
  • They come with impressive resistibility and most certainly hold its own for a long period
  • Moreover, because of the closed cell structure of our offered hot water pipe insulation treatment, they resultantly act as an outstanding vapour barrier and prove highly resistant to hot vapour transmission
  • They even come with excellent fire protection and very low toxicity ratings
  • And best of all, for your peace of mind, our professional quality hot water pipe lagging solutions and product installations are devoid of any trace of CFC, fibre, dust and presents wonderful resistance from time-imposed wear and tear and against potentially adverse ozone effects

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REINFORCED FOIL TAPES – which are used to seal pipe insulation, seal metal ducts and ensure a quality barrier against hot vapour.

They come with impressive durability, strength (primarily due to its fibre reinforcements). And yet, they prove easy to use for your specific hot water pipe lagging requirements.

FOILFLEX THERMAL LAGGING – Our Foilflex is a premium performance thermal pipe insulation with a very high vapour diffusion resistance.

They feature completely closed-cell physically cross-linked polyolefin foam having a density of 25 kg/m3 and aptly faced with heat laminated pure aluminium foil with reinforcement for steel, plastic and copper pipes.

NOCLAD Foilflex – This unique product is typically used on the exterior portion of your hot water pipes. They comprise excellent, durability, longevity, strength and waterproofing qualities.

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