On-Demand Chilled Pipe Insulation Via Our Thermal Lagging Treatment

(First Things First) – What Does Chilled Pipe lagging refer to…?

To answer this frequently asked question… Chilled Pipe Lagging refers to Insulating CHILLED Water Pipes.

And the primary reason why “CHILLED Water Pipes require Insulation is to maintain the temperature within the pipe work and also capture possible condensation that may be generated by the pipe itself.”

The entire application is also referred to as THERMAL PIPE LAGGING – which primarily relates to temperature control.

Chilled Water Pipe Lagging

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In addition to maintaining proper temperature control;  our Chilled Water Pipe Lagging/insulation also plays a big role in reducing the condensation forming inside the pipes itself.

(This brings us to the all-important question -) Do you seek superior quality chilled pipe insulation treatments…?

CONTACT OUR TEAM whenever you see fit!

Using all our technical expertise; we will come to your location and conduct a pre-lagging treatment inspection of your chilled water pipes. And depending on the condition of your chilled water pipes; will deliver you the appropriate thermal pipe insulation treatment.

You would be pleased to know that our offered  thermal pipe lagging treatments will need  no such  maintenance from your end.

And knowing it to be the ideal treatment for your Chilled water pipes; OUR TEAM always endeavours to provide you impressive thermal insulation material to accomplish low thermal inertia as well as low thermal conductivity.

Moreover, For Your Chilled Water Pipe Lagging; We Also Present You These 3 Unique Following Insulating Products

  • Foilflex
  • NOCLAD Foilflex
  • Reinforced Foil Tape

To know more about these products – Feel Free To Browse Here for precise pricing and stock availability.