On-Demand Acoustic Pipe Lagging Installations & Sound-Proofing Across Sydney

Sydney Laggers proves to be your reliable one-stop company for quality acoustic pipe lagging installations and insulation services in and across Sydney.

As a professional group; we mainly focus on crafting unique and effective solutions to safeguard pipes as well as its near residents. During our span of 10 years; we have come across numerous acoustic pipes – both in commercial and industrial sector units exuding various unwanted noises.

Typically, the type of noise produced as well as its specific decibel level varies and mainly depends on the type of materials being transported inside of it. This movement and noise increases the intensity of vibrations in the pipe and resultantly decreases its long shelf life.

Acoustic Pipe Lagging

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We Always Adhere To The Australian Building Code

Right from our onset- we have always delivered our immaculate acoustic pipe lagging installation and insulation service by properly adhering to the Australian Building Code.

So, in other words; you can always expect our diligent and professional team to deliver you a wide variety of sound proof pipe lagging solutions which appreciatively render safety and protection- on every booking!

Our Ideal Acoustic Pipe Lagging Solutions To Safeguard Your Pipes

It goes without saying that a properly designed acoustic lagging system helps reduce noise from the above ground-pipe applications namely – gas line, rainwater pipes, wastewater pipes, steam pipes, pneumatic as well as hydraulic pipes.

Fortunately, keeping this in mind, our diligent research and development team has aptly identified acoustic pipe lagging as the right solution to safeguard pipes.

It includes adding an absorber over the noise radiating surface. Such absorbers are thermal insulators which come with appropriate thickness and texture matching the type of oval surface which is to be insulated. With it, a quality sound barrier will also feature to help limit sound transmission to nearby areas.

Furthermore; our research and development team also believes that for both exterior and interior applications, some type of jacketing (a final protective cover) should feature in the finishing touches of the acoustic piping solution.

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