Looking For The Right Sound-Proof Pipe Lagging Solution…? ACOUSTIC LAGGING Is The Answer

Looking For The Right Sound-Proof Pipe Lagging Solution…? ACOUSTIC LAGGING Is The Answer

When in an industrial setting, noise pollution can come from just about anywhere.

Besides worksite machinery and fans which tend to create unwanted noise within the industrial plant/warehouse set-up, its existing ductwork and piping can also contribute to adding high levels of noise throughout the whole workspace.

One effective solution to reduce the sound of turbulent flow (caused by either waste fluids and/or water running through the industry pipes) is via Acoustic pipe lagging.

To help you understand the concept of Acoustic soundproof pipe lagging service, we will discuss more here in details.

So, let’s begin!

Digging Deeper On Acoustic Sound Proof Pipe Lagging

Simply put –

Acoustic Lagging denotes a high-performance sound sheathing material/component comprising a mass-loaded flexible vinyl properly bonded to foil facing with a decoupling layer.

And it is due to this multi-layer sheathing material which allows this type of pipe lagging to serve as a proper noise barrier and absorber- thus delivering dual benefits. They are also very dense and this resultantly allows them to deliver superb sound limiting properties.

Moreover, this particular pipe lagging’s flexibility lets the sheathing material to lessen the breakout noise decibels occurring due to an array of components.

As professional acoustic lagging specialists operating in and across Sydney would point out –

” Its decoupling layer disrupts the vibration path between the mass barrier and substrate and lets  the vinyl wrap to stay flexible and augment overall performance.” 

Typically you can speak to your concerning lagging specialist operating in Sydney to sort out its appropriate length (3-5 metres) and width (1350mm) based on your specific needs.

Where Can It Be Used?

Professional quality Acoustic pipe lagging is particularly applied to – valves, pipes, ductwork fan housing, hydraulic pipes, pneumatic pipes, wastewater pipes, steam pipes, rainwater pipes and so on!

Moreover, the added benefit of applying this type of soundproof pipe lagging is that its instantly absorbs unwanted pipe vibration and resulting noise pollution in an efficient manner.

USPs of Acoustic Pipe Lagging Treatments

  • Helps minimise irritable sound resonances
  • Available in different thickness and texture suiting the type of oval surface
  • Improves the property value

Moreover, your chosen lagging specialists will also provide some jacketing (a final protection coating/cover) as the finishing touches to this treatment.

CONTACT US For Your Tailored Pipe Sound-Proofing

We, at Sydney Laggers Pty Ltd; upon arrival will perform a comprehensive inspection on your present pipes to understand its purpose

We will also strive to deliver you tailored lagging solutions that will help improve the overall protection of your property pipes.

Our team will also gladly help you perform timely repairs, maintenance and continually strive to meet your service satisfaction by delivering bespoke and cost-convenient acoustic soundproof pipe lagging services to you.

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