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How Thermal Lagging Of Pipes Helps Industrial & Commercial Clients Improve Their Overall Efficiency?

To Put It Lucidly… The concept of Thermal Pipe Lagging entails the reduction of heat transfers among objects (or transfer of thermal energy occurring between objects differing in temperature) in a range of radiative influences. The treatment can be performed by specifically engineered processes or method along with appropriate shapes, materials and objects. The inevitable […]

Looking For The Right Sound-Proof Pipe Lagging Solution…? ACOUSTIC LAGGING Is The Answer

When in an industrial setting, noise pollution can come from just about anywhere. Besides worksite machinery and fans which tend to create unwanted noise within the industrial plant/warehouse set-up, its existing ductwork and piping can also contribute to adding high levels of noise throughout the whole workspace. One effective solution to reduce the sound of […]

ACOUSTIC PIPE LAGGING – Its Implementation & How Is It More Effective To Other Lagging Techniques

Most commercial and industrial pipe settings have to encounter extreme heat and pressure on a daily basis. And resultantly these forces of energy often causes high sound levels. And even though these industrial and commercial pipe ductwork consists of an internal layer to manage the sounds; more often than not they fail to control the […]