ACOUSTIC PIPE LAGGING – Its Implementation & How Is It More Effective To Other Lagging Techniques

ACOUSTIC PIPE LAGGING – Its Implementation & How Is It More Effective To Other Lagging Techniques

Most commercial and industrial pipe settings have to encounter extreme heat and pressure on a daily basis. And resultantly these forces of energy often causes high sound levels.

And even though these industrial and commercial pipe ductwork consists of an internal layer to manage the sounds; more often than not they fail to control the noise expelled.

What it requires is better quality lagging to achieve better sound attenuation. And that is where Acoustic Pipe Lagging Treatment comes into the scheme of things.

Digging Deeper On ACOUSTIC PIPE LAGGING & How It Is Implemented By Field Experts

Truth be told, lots of commercial, industrial (& residential property owners) in and across Sydney, Australia are opting for Acoustic pipe lagging solutions to negate the unnecessary breakout sounds resulting due to the turbulent flow within the hydraulic pipe set-up present behind structural walls and ceilings.

And, to be honest, they have good reasons for that…!

Acoustic Pipe Lagging mainly entails a sound-shielding material aptly designed to deliver optimal quality sound attenuation for its respective sector needs.

 They are impressive in strength, vibrations, tractability and in maintaining the temperature levels.

Plus, they also come with a quality absorber over the noise emitting surface; commonly known as thermal insulators which have the correct texture and identical thickness to that of the round surface upon which it is to be fitted.

Respective field specialists will also add a quality sound barrier to inhibit the emitting sound to the neighboring locations.

And they will also include a type of jacketing (in the form of a final protective barrier) both on its exterior and interior as the final acoustic pipe lagging touch-ups!

The Process of Implementation

Your chosen acoustic pipe lagging experts serving near you will –

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the pipes and factor in the flow pressure, volume and existing weak points
  • Then they will determine the right material and installation process to follow as well as establish a proper time-frame matching your suitability.
  • Once all of that is done, these experts will dissect the sheathing component and cover up the pipes with the help of a proper adhesive component
  • Lastly, your hired team of specialists will perform  proper post-implementation to see if they covered all aspects properly

What Makes It More Effective To Other Lagging Techniques?

The whole technique is about lessening noise and improving the stability of pipes. They are very easy to work with, are very flexible and result in easy installations.

What’s more, acoustic pipe lagging is very environmentally friendly and is devoid of any ozone -depleting substances.  They prove perfect for reducing noises from break-out pipes, valves, fan housings and other forms of ductwork seen in industrial, commercial and even residential sectors.

What’s more, acoustic pipe lagging is very dense and consists of a flexible mass layer which is known to deliver optimal sound reduction properties while the decoupling layer disrupts the vibration path in-between the mass barrier and substrate to allow the exterior vinyl wrap to stay flexible and help optimise the overall performance.

Due to these appreciative and fascinating benefits, acoustic pipe lagging proves to be the premier choice for many industry-heads and property owners in and across Sydney.

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We have confidently delivered the best acoustic pipe lagging solutions in and across the commercial and industrial sector while keeping true to the Australian Building Code.  

And with that (if the need arises) our team will also help you perform the routinely maintenance and repairs whenever requested.

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